Maui Surfing Surf Lessons

Maui Surf Lessons

Learning to surf on Maui is a must do. With its gentle breaks and plethora of surf schools, our island is built for learning to surf. Both the South and West side of Maui have numerous breaks made for longboarding. The gradual slope of the ocean contour at these spots make for a gently breaking wave perfect for getting you up and going. Most of our surf schools on Maui guarantee you'll stand up the first time you take a lesson. Many will also rent you a board if you want to try surfing by yourself.

Maui Surf & SUP Schools

Hawaiian Paddle Sports (808) 442-6436

Hawaiian Paddle Sports have experienced instructors that take you away from the crowded spots with surf schools. Instead you get a private lesson in a spot of your own.

Stand UpSometimes the waves are too big or too small at the designated surf school spots, and with Hawaiian Paddle Sports, you can go to where the surf is ideal. Leave it up to the guides and just have fun!

More Schools:

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  • Big Kahuna Adventures HI
  • Blue Soul Maui
  • Goofy Foot Surf School
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Big Wave Surfing - Maui Photos


A Word of Warning

Maui Big Waves

One thing you need to keep in consideration is the sharp reef below you. Most of the beginner friendly spots break in shallower water, which means you'll want some kind of booty or reef shoe. When falling, which you'll do plenty of, make sure to fall away from your board and others and fall as flat as possible. Stick to South and West shores where you see other longboard surfers, and don't go alone. We advise you go to one of the Maui surf schools listed to get proper instruction and surf at a safe spot. During some south or west swells, the surf in these areas can become hazardous. Be careful!


Advanced Surfing

Advanced Surfing

For those of you with experience, there are many good spot on Maui. Some are more dangerous than others. These surf spots look harmless and mushy but are really death traps. Know where you're going before you go out. The North Shore of Maui is where you'll find the biggest and most consistent waves. Hookipa is a great surf spot with 3-4 main breaks. This Maui surf spot is for experienced surfers. The current can be strong and there are only 2 entrances to the surf. The reef infront of most of the spots is exposed which makes it difficult to get to shore when the currents are blazing. The entrances are at either end of the beach and narrow. The waves here are good, but crowded. Another popular spot to surf is Honolua Bay. This is one of the best waves on the island, only extremely fickle. Usually only breaking a handful of times in the winter, Honolua Bay can offer a really long barreling right hand wave. Again, only for advanced surfers, Honolua surf can be treacherous. The Cave is a section of the wave, which is notorious for sucking surfers under and keeping them there. Keiki Bowls, on the inside, is super shallow and fast. This is a fun part of the wave, but you don't want to fall here. Just kicking out can leave your knuckles scraped when paddling. There are dozens of other reef breaks around the island. The few beach breaks available are usually not very good in comparison.


Jaws Big Waves

See photos of the huge waves at Jaws (Pe'ahi) on the north shore of Maui.

Surf Spots & Surf Report

Maui surf report and descriptions of some of the better surf spots.

Surf Videos

Watch surf videos shot at the best spots around Maui.


Skimboarding photos and interiew.

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Hawaii Surf Videos

surf videos

Watch some of the most exciting surfing in the world!

Local Surf Report

Maui Surf Report

Find out what the waves, wind, and tides are doing right now and for the period.

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