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Dano Sayles

Dano Sayles RE/MAX Lifestyle

(808) 870-4899

With 32 years of experience in the real estate market on Maui, Dano has paved the way for thousands of people in search of their perfect dream home in Hawaiian paradise. By utilizing forward-thinking principles of internet marketing and continually furthering his own education in the real estate industry as a whole, Dano Sayles is the Maui realtor you definitely want on your team.

Anthony Sayles

Anthony Sayles RE/MAX Lifestyle

(808) 280-6532

Yet another Maui local, Anthony shares the same passion and knack for real estate as his father, Dano. With extensive knowledge of the island that only comes from growing up here, Anthony loves making the overall experience for clientele more memorable and enjoyable.

Erin Haywood

Erin Haywood RE/MAX Lifestyle

(808) 264-8037

Erin has lived and traveled all over the world, but Maui keeps calling her back. Her family moved to Maui in the 1940's, allowing for Erin to live all over the island throughout her life. She has a strong understanding of the real estate market on Maui and always puts her clients first.


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