Maui Chef's Table

Maui Chef's Table
by The Mill House

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Mill House Restaurant1670 Honoapi'ilani Hwy
Waikapu, HI 96793
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When on vacation, dining out can be exciting again as you find brand new restaurants to try. And at the end of these meals, you realize most experiences are the same. You sit, you eat, you pay and are politely encouraged to leave around the 1-2 hour mark so they can turn the table.

Food and service may vary, but the schedule tends to stay the same. If you're on Maui to truly enjoy a once in a lifetime experience, then why not step off the beaten path and join The Mill House's 7-course, experimental Chef's Table for a night that you will never forget.

Maui Chef Table


local ingredientsLocal, Fresh Ingredients

Let's start with their mission, which is:  "We strive to use locally grown ingredients 100% of the time. Fresh Maui product inspires our creativity and enhances all flavors."  These meals are created once they find out what they have to work with.  Hamakua mushroom raviolis may have been the plan for the 5th course, but when they find out they have two local wild boar to use, they'll switch it up and create a savory dish to include this delicacy.

We asked the chef's if they enjoy doing the Maui Chef's Table. They said that they LIVE FOR IT! Working on new dishes with what's fresh today keeps them on point and feeling alive.


Service & Kitchen Experience

kitchen experienceIncredible food can only go so far if you don't have quality service.  The 5-star service at Maui Chef's Table will make you swoon.  The intimate "behind the scenes" kitchen setting allows you a front row seat to the entire cooking process.  The chefs not only allow questions and peeking over their shoulder, but prefer it, as this experience becomes more personal for everyone that way.  Your every need will be met from the wait staff that refills waters and takes away your licked-clean plates.  They have a full bar with wine, beer, and cocktails available for additional purchase. You'll find their bar menu to be as unique as the dishes you're served!

The Food

Culinary expertiseNow that we've established the service being flawless, let's take a look at the food: seven courses, not including a palate awakening amuse bouche, and each one better than the last.  

The menu changes every week, so prepare yourself for a new culinary adventure every time you join them.  And it isn't just seven succulent courses that melt in your mouth with each bite.  

An owner and executive chef, Jeff Scheer, creates a masterpiece with each course.  In his own words,  “Food is art; you taste it first with your eyes.”Vibrant colors, varied textures, fantastic pairings and a wicked sense of style makes this dining experience more than just a meal.

salad dish

Intimate, Exclusive Dining

Securing a seat at the Maui Chef's Table means you're one of the lucky few that made it in, as this feast is held only twice a week and only takes 36 reservations.  And don't expect to be shooed out after the usual 2 hour meal.  They are in no rush to have you leave, and these luxurious dinners can last upwards of 3.5 hours.  Devouring world-class dishes has to be given its space and time!  Come to The Mill House for the exclusive culinary experience and leave with a night full of unparalleled dining memories.

For more information and to make a reservation, please visit Maui Chef's Table or call (808) 270-0303.

Maui Executive Catering  


Catering FoodAbout Mill House Restaurant

Planning a wedding or special event can tax your every nerve.  Most would agree that the food is usually one of the most important aspects for any affair.  If you're wanting a magical night that your guests talk about for years to come, then there's only one answer.  Catering by The Mill House Retaurant at the Maui Tropical Plantation will exceed any and all expectations you might have about a catering company.  The reasons are plentiful, but let me regale you with the biggest parts that make this company magical.

Imagine your event, with it's perfectly laid table settings and candles glowing and flickering in the balmy evening breeze.  Now imagine the tables surrounding the event lined with expert chef on one side slicing Beef & Blooms Marinated Flank Steak, serving it with their thai green papaya salad, oven dried tomatoes and macadamia nuts.  You look to the other side and see another chef at a fry station making Chicken & Waffles with buttermilk ice cream topped with decadent maple syrup.  The guests are interacting with the chef, the chef is amusing them with stories from the island.  This catering company is about more than just the food they so lovingly and expertly prepare.  It's about the experience for the guests, and these chefs put on a show to remember.  Their personalities are infectiously cheerful and their joy for being a part of your event is apparent.

With your imagination leading the way, you will work with the chefs to create a seamlessly spectacular menu.  You can choice to have action stations, where the chef will be preparing the dish in front of your guest before serving them.  If you'd like, you can also choose to have passed hors d’ oeuvres.  And your preferences will be paramount when discussing the plated dishes.  The chefs are happy to work with any allergies or preferred diets, all while using locally-sourced ingredients.  Your delight is their main goal and they will continue working with your vision until it's a reality.


If you're ready to create an event that surpasses your every expectation, then visit the Maui Tropical Plantation or give them a call today at (808) 270-0303.  Your extraordinary event awaits you! 


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