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Maui Statistics

Out of the 2,405,257 Maui arrivals in 2006, 82% were from the mainland, less than 6% from Canada, and the remainding 4% hailed from Japan. It becomes quickly evident where most of Maui's income comes from when you take into account the $3,492,900,000 total expenditures made here in 2006 by our visitors. Totaling over 6 1/2 million arrivals in 2006, almost half of them are landing on Maui. 

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These statistics are attractive for business owners, but also a major concern for those who call Maui their home. With the tourist revenue comes the much despised island growth. This is a chief issue for our politicians here on the islands. Oahu is the most populated of the islands and holds the largest portion of the 1,285,498 people living in Hawaii in 2006; this is not even 1/2 of a percent of the total US population. Of this, Maui has only 141,320 residents. Maui grew 10% in population from 2000 to 2006.

Maui's diverse ethnic presence influences all aspects of our incredible island. As of 2005, the percentages are broken down below:

Caucasian 38.3%

Asian 30.2%

People of 2 or more races 20.2%

Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander 10.3%

Hispanic or Latino 8.7%

African American 0.6%

American Indian and Alaska Natives 0.3% 

The age ranges present in Hawaii are also veried. Below are 2005 statistics of the different age groups living here:

Under 5 yrs old 7.1%

Under 18 years old 23.5%

Between 18 and 65 years old 55.7%

Over 65 years old 13.7%

One of the many beauties of our island of Maui is it's close proximity from one coast to the next. Most residents live within a 22 minute drive of their work. This statistic is accurate as of 2000. Today it may be considerably more due to the many more residents and visitors on the road. Our island is constantly growing, though it's roads barely keep up with the demand. Most of the money goes towards building growth for housing and commercial businesses. over 1500 building permits were submitted in 2005.

In 2004, the earnings per job on Maui averaged $33,879 annual salary. This is terribly low considering the high cost of living in Hawaii. But, as of 2005, we've maintained a successful2.6% unemployment rate.

The above Hawaii information was gathered from 2 independant sources: DBEDT and

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