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Many of the locations discussed have dangers. We are not liable for any harm that comes to you or your property because of the information on this site. Please use your head. The Ocean is very dangerous and can be fatal as well as streams and hiking areas, and pretty much every spot on the island. Be careful! The writers and the owners of the Maui Information Guide are not responsible for any destruction to property, broken laws, or harm that may occur due to our visitors reading our content.

Every company that we recommend on this website we feel do a great job in their respective business. We have, however, also made comprehensive lists for certain disciplines where we do not recommend everyone. Please do your research before choosing particular Maui services. Some of the businesses we recommend have paid for the promotion. We only promote businesses that we truly and whole-heartedly recommend, and this includes those that are paying for inclusion. These businesses are paying for promotion only, and they understand that we adhere strictly to webmaster guidelines of ethics and morality.

Any opinions made within our content to be taken lightly. We are trying to be honest and hope you appreciate it, though we’ve been known to be wrong. Our opinions are to be taken as a small group’s opinions and nothing more.

This guide was made to offer help to our island’s visitors from a local perspective. We make very little money doing so, so please be patient with updating and let us know if we’re missing anything important. We still have hundreds of great Maui pages to add!  See more terms of use below.


Here we will attempt to explain our Scale for rating Maui Restaurants.

We know you may be thinking that Food should make up more than 20%, but we want to rate this for overall experience. Does it serve all types of diners? That’s what the percentage is for. We’ve seperated it into sections so that if your only concern is Food quality, then you can see what we think by looking at that section only. It’s all pretty self-explanatory. Taste is for how good it tastes but also for the freshness of the ingredients. Temperature is for how it comes out. A 5 out of 5 means everything that should come out hot comes out hot, and everything that should be cold comes out cold. This also is in reference to accuracy when cooking steaks.

We believe Service can make or break your dining experience. Attitude is for the general friendliness and attitude of the server, bussers, bar tenders, and hosts. Efficiency and Speed go hand in hand. But Efficiency is more suited to how well they handle a crowd. Speed is more for how quickly the staff attends to your needs. Professionalism is for steps of service.

A lot of people eat at a restaurant purely for the View. We’ve given great ocean views 5s, while if there is only a view of the street, you may only get a 1 or 2. We don’t give them 0’s unless there’s no view. Ex. Cafe Des Amis only has a view of Baldwin Ave. in Paia, but that street is pretty entertaining to watch. So it doesn’t get a zero. Cleanliness is for the general vibe of the place as well as actual non-clean things like silverware, table cloths, etc…

Many people go to restaurants just for drinks and pupus. We think this is an important section and is left out if they don’t serve alcohol. Quality refers to the freshness of ingredients in drinks as well as how well they’re made. Selection is for what they have on stock, from booze to wines. Knowledge is based on the bartender or waiter that serves us and how much they know about what they serve. And the Bar Area is for how cool the bar is.

Why should we trust you?
The writers that we send out to do reviews have had plenty of experience on both sides of the Restaurant. Our main reviewer, Chris Norberg, has worked since he was 14 in the restaurant industry (over 15 years in the industry as Host, Busser, Chef, Waiter, and Bartender.) He has also eaten at some of the most exclusive restaurants in the world (and ALL OVER THE WORLD!) Chris has more passion for food than most people.

Each time we visit one of the restaurants that we’ve previously reviewed, we will update the scale. We do this because we know how a restaurant can slip or get better with time. You’ll also notice that most of our reviews get 80% and higher. We’ve been to every restaurant on the island and we only want to write about the good ones. Why read about the bad ones?


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