Surfing, Reggae, and Positivity reign supreme at Maui Film Festival

Maui Film Festival

2010 Maui Film Festival at Celestial Cinema


Tonight was about as good as it gets on Maui. We enjoyed watching the NBA finals, lakers barely beating Celtics. We then had a great meal at Gannon’s Restaurant sitting across from Taylor Steele and his group. Then we ventured to set up camp on the lawn for the shows.


The sunset was incredible. We found a nice spot to watch the films at and settled in. Taylor Steele was honored for his film making, and did a short, live interview. Having watched his films growing up (Momentum II is forever burned into our retinas) it was pure pleasure learning about the guy that brought us so many unforgettable surf movies.


We then watched a short film about a parapalegic surfer. After this inspiring film, Taylor Steele’ new film, Castles in the Sky, was a departure from his regular surf porn (which we love. Surf, surf, and more surf.) Steele has grown artistically and made a beautiful movie about experiencing life and surfing the world. The surfing was incredible, the back drops stunning, and the people authentic. A great overall movie. Some of the shots in that movie will never leave me. Beautiful.


The 3rd film was a short about circus freaks that weren’t as freaky as they appear. Interesting, and built to tug at the heart strings.


Our last film was about the roots of Rock Steady, the precursor to modern reggae. It was created from Ska, and changed music forever in the 1960’s. The movie was wonderful with bright characters and solid sounds.


After everything, we caught ourselves in the parking lot with Marty Dread discussing the movie. The positive spirit from the movie was tangible.


A great night at the Maui Film Festivsl in Wailea. One of the best Maui events all year. Aloha!!

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