More Maui Memories


Here are a few more great memories and stories from Maui visitors. These are mainly about their favorite activities in Maui. Hi, this is my favorite Maui memory….my husband and chose to spend our honeymoon in Maui, not only because we have frien…


New Hawaii Products


The smart people at 808 Shells have come up with a very derable and stylish iPhone case. These iPhone shells have personality, are completely designed in Hawaii by local artists, are very strong (can take a beating), and are light weight. Get one …


Best Maui Boardwalks


There are plenty of beaches to walk on in Maui. But what if you have a stroller with a baby, or you don’t feel like walking through sand the whole time? What if you’re looking for an opportunity to stop here and there for cocktails and/or food? We…


Maui Facebook Giveaway! Enter Today!


All you need to do is become a fan by LIKEing their Facebook Page. You’ll be entered to win 2 morning snorkel passes on the Pride of Maui, as well as 2 sunset cruise passes. There are 5 prize winners, so you could easily be the winner and setting …


Need a job on Maui for the winter


Hi I’ve been checking out your website and found it very detailed & useful. I do have a question you may be able to help with. I’m moving to the island for the winter and was wondering when the hiring begins for the winter season. Focusing on most…